Polk Medical Center Reaches Agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield


An agreement reached by Polk Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield will make it more affordable for Polk County residents to access all of the hospital’s services beginning May 1.

“This is good news for those patients in our community who have Blue Cross Blue Shield,” said Matt Gorman, Polk Medical Center Administrator. “This gives people the ability to access care locally, which will minimize time they have to spend away from family and work.”

Gorman said the support of State Rep. Trey Kelley, R-Cedartown, was crucial in getting the issue resolved. Kelley helped hospital representatives gain access to key leaders at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“Rep. Kelley has been an ally of ours throughout this entire journey,” Gorman said. “For him, it was as much of an effort on behalf of his own constituents as it was for the hospital. Without his support, I don’t know if this issue would have garnered the attention it deserved. He is looking out for his community, and he knows it is important to access health care close to home.”

Kelley said he’s excited an agreement has been reached.

“This agreement will allow all those patients in our community who have Blue Cross Blue Shield to have access to their local hospital,” Kelley said. “I appreciate all the efforts of Polk Medical Center officials for getting this done. Polk Medical Center is a tremendous asset for our community and now even more residents of our community will get to benefit from the services they offer.”