Polk County to Vote on SPLOST Extension

       Polk County citizens will go to the polls on March 6, 2012 to vote on Sunday alcohol sales, but they will also be voting on an extension to the pre-existing 1% sales tax, better known as SPLOST.  

       According to Ward, over 140 counties in Georgia have the SPLOST. The tax allows local governments to make investments in roads, bridges, facilities, and staff.

       Around $30 million is expected to be taken in over the next six years. The commissioner said that without the tax needed repairs would be seriously delayed.

       The Board also gives $1 million in SPLOST money to recreation departments within the county.

       Without the money, the investments would come to a halt, the county would go in debt to pay for such things, or the citizens would have to pay more taxes.

       Commissioner Ward said that the two biggest SPLOST payouts for Polk County are road improvement and recreation, but future projects are in line, such as a firing range for county police and required repairs to the airport in Polk County.