Polk County Sheriff’s deputy arrested on fraud charges

More information has surfaced in the incident of a Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy being arrested for various fraud charges. According to Polk County Sheriff Kelly McLendon, 42 year old Kenneth Gravett was arrested and posted bond Monday. An FBI Investigation led to a warrant for his arrest. Gravett was booked and released by U.S. Marshals. The sheriff said a law enforcement official arrested here would never spend time in the Polk County Jail but would be sent elsewhere if he or she were incarcerated. A 17 year veteran of the force, Gravett is facing Federal charges of wire fraud and mail fraud. The charges stem from questions raised by an insurance company over a vehicle claim. Investigators originally speculated that Gravett may also be charged with insurance fraud, but Sheriff McLendon says that he will not be charged for that offence. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is handling the case.