Pharmacy employee among those arrested in alleged drug ring

Three arrests have been made in an alleged organized prescription drug ring in Polk County. One of those arrested worked at a local pharmacy. According to arrest reports, 30 year old Walter Presley was arrested on Friday of last week and charged with conspiracy to possess schedule II hydrocodone. This was the third arrest in a series of drug related arrests in this ongoing investigation. Local drug store employee 23 year old Tyler Presley was arrested back on October 16 along with 23 year old Brittany Sheree Williams on similar charges, including, but not limited to, multiple counts of the following computer forgery, obtaining a prescription by fraud, failure to keep prescription records, obtaining a prescription by misrepresentation, falsifying records, using a communication device to Facilitate a felony, theft, use of false name or address when obtaining a prescription, identity fraud, possession of a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance, and conspiracy. Police state the three were members of a Polk County-based organized crime group, which focused on selling and distributing large quantities of schedule II hydrocodone. The three are believed to have been conducting their operation since March 31, 2008. Officials state the approximate street value of the drug allegedly obtained and sold by the three was approximately $110,000.