GDOT denies Cedartown funds for road projects

The City of Cedartown will not receive any money from the Georgia Department of Transportation for road paving projects this year. The DOT says they don’t have any money to give to anyone. Cedartown City Manager Charles Akridge said the city had submitted five projects to the DOT for consideration under the Local Assistance Road Program. LARP provides state money to local governments to assist with the cost of resurfacing roads. On the 2008 fiscal year list were North Marshall Street, West Gibson Street, Hill Street and two separate portions of West Avenue. However, in a letter sent out from the DOT to local governments recently, Gerald M. Ross, chief engineer, explained that the current fiscal year’s LARP program has been “canceled due to financial shortfalls.” The DOT letter went on to state that Georgia’s 2010 fiscal year budget includes money for LARP projects. While noting there is no guarantee that funds will be available, the letter invited local officials to resubmit their projects for consideration. Akridge says that it will be competitive for LARP funding next year. The DOT also has suspended funding for its State Aid Program. This program was meant to help local communities widen roads and construct new roads. According to the DOT, some $128 million was requested from Georgia communities. No new grants will be awarded in the upcoming 2010 fiscal year. What funds are available will be applied toward the $68 million of outstanding commitments already approved under the program.