CMS MatDawgs Perform at Area Championships

The MatDawgs took 13 wrestlers to this weekend’s area wrestling tournament and 10 out of the 13 placed. This helped the 2012-2013 CMS Team finish in 3rd Place overall. This is the best ever Team finish for Cedartown Middle School at the Area Championships!  Individual Results are listed below.
1st Place Finishers
Will McLendon
Calvin Ragsdale
Tyler Blalock

2nd Place Finishers
David Stocks
Cade Smith
James Sines

3rd Place Finishers
Bobby Easterwood
Jesse Kirkpatrick
Patrick Ballew

4th Place Finishers
Dalton Bowman

The 2012-2013 CMS MatDawg Wrestling Team Members are:
  1. Patrick Ballew
  2. Tyler Blalock
  3. Dalton Bowman
  4. Ricky Brooks
  5. Brendan Clement
  6. Bobby Easterwood
  7. Jacob Groves
  8. Jesse Kirkpatrick
  9. Levi Lafitte
  10. Will McLendon
  11. Calvin Ragsdale
  12. James Sines
  13. Cade Smith
  14. David Stocks
  15. Isiah Stocks
  16. Graham Taff
  17. John Watkins
  18. Levi Womack
  19. Mat Manager: Mackinzie Beevens
  20. Mat Manager:  Maddie Bowman
  21. Mat Manager:  Katy Blalock
  22. Mat Manager:  Brooklyn Brame
  23. Mat Manager:  Taylor Marsh
  24. Coaches:  James Bowman, Shannon Smith, Kelly McLendon, Greg Orebaugh