City Survey Shows Desires of the Community

       A recent survey that was conducted by the City of Cedartown has yielded results, showing where Cedartown citizens are pleased and where they want to see improvement.

        According to Director of Redevelopment Tommy Engram, 600 surveys were sent out to citizens in Cedartown and the city received back 160 completed surveys. There were four answers to each question: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor.

        Engram said that is a 27% response, and he said “that is good for the first time.” Engram also said that there is a plus or minus 5.9 percentage rate on the results of the survey, meaning that the numbers could vary either way by that much.

        The survey showed that 74% of responders consider the overall quality of life in Cedartown to be excellent or good. 72% thought Cedartown was a good place to raise children, but only 37% found it to be a good place to work.

        56% approved of the overall appearance of Cedartown, 25% were content with the shopping opportunities, but only 7% were satisfied with Cedartown’s job opportunities.

        Survey takers considered Cedartown to be a safe place, with 77% saying they felt protected from violent crime, and 91% saying they felt safe from fires.

        The three biggest problems indentified were drugs, unemployment, and a lack of growth. The survey showed that citizens are most satisfied with fire, EMS, and public library services. However, there is displeasure with transit services, service to low-income people, and code enforcement.