City of Cedartown finally moving forward with York property work, bid approved

From Polk Today –

The Cedartown City Commission crossed off an important item on their list Monday when after years of paperwork, they were able to approve a bid for work on the York property and prepare it for industrial development.

The work – extending driveway entrances on the property to 200 feet and bringing in water and sewer connections to sites via the Northside Industrial Park next door – will be completed in the months to come by UWS Inc. of Trion, and cost $670,425. They are expected to have the work completed within 120 days from the time they begin work.

City Manager Edward Guzman explained during the March 8 session that the city will have to fund around half of the total cost, the other half being covered by an Appalachian Regional Commission grant provided to the City of Cedartown to make the site GRAD (Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development) certified.

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