City looking to improve East Avenue

City Manager Bill Fann

Drivers using East Avenue as part of their commute know well the deteriorating condition of that thoroughfare.  A solution to the issue is being planned by the city of Cedartown to correct the problem.

City Manager Bill Fann presented to city commissioners during a work session on Monday the plans for a complete milling and resurfacing project for East Avenue.

Fann says now that the burial of the new sewer line to connect the new Polk Medical Center is complete, the city is looking at getting the long deteriorating street back into shape, but he adds that it will be costly.

“East Avenue for the most part is a three lane road,” said Fann.  “Our best estimate at this point is a $250,000 to $280,000 project.”

The good news, however, is that the Georgia Department of Transportation will be assisting in the overall cost, to the tune of more than the regular allotment for project assistance.

“They’ve actually agreed to include an additional $130,000, which is a mixture of extra funds they were able to allocate and from some old projects that had never been completed for whatever reason.”

The project is not expected to get underway until late summer or early fall of 2015.  The county road department will handle the paving aspect of the project, with an outside contractor completing the preceding milling.