Census participation lower than expected so far

The Census Bureau released its numbers for participation rates for this year’s survey… and the numbers were not good. For Polk County, 51 percent have returned their surveys with 49 percent in Bartow, 50 in Gordon, and 50 percent in Floyd. As far as towns goes, Rockmart is leading the way with 51 percent of surveys turned back in. The cities of Cedartown, Rome, and Summerville all returned 49 percent, Cave Spring 50 percent, and Cartersville 48 percent. The Census Bureau will be sending another questionnaire out over the next few days for those who have not returned theirs and a third round can be expected before April 10. Even though there is time left to spare and the Census Bureau will soon begin calling and going door-to-door, the numbers are far low from those in 2000. Ten years ago saw a completion percentage of Bartow – 68%, Chattooga – 58%, Floyd- 73%, Gordon – 72%, Polk – 66%. In terms of statewide numbers, Georgia has returned 45% of its surveys this year compared to 69 % in 2000.