Cedartown High School Receives Pass Rate on Writing Test


Cedartown Students pictured above received "exceeds" on the Georgia High School Writing Test.

  Cedartown High School just received excellent news concerning the Fall Georgia High School Writing (GHSWT) test which is given to all juniors by the Georgia Department of Education.  The school found out this week that CHS had a pass rate of 91 percent for the test! Cedartown High School continues to show a tradition of excellence on the state writing exam.

            The CHS writing test score is up by 12 percent from the 2007 score of 79%.  This is a testament to the hard work of the CHS students, faculty, and staff who worked together in a school-wide writing initiative.  During the first three weeks of school, subject-related writing activities were scheduled in each class at least once a week. 

            Teachers evaluated the work and posted useful commentary on examples of work for students to use as a model in each classroom.  Weekly supplemental activities were provided to the teachers.  These activities included corrections on “internet speak”, examples of good work, how to tell if a paper is on topic and common errors made in writing.

            The initiative was culminated with a practice test that was graded by members of the English Department and then distributed back to the students.  Students in need of extra help were given a faculty buddy to work with until the test on September 27, 2011.    Principal Hal David stated, “I am proud of these outstanding writing scores!  Since 2007, we have had a dramatic improvement in our writing scores.  At Cedartown High School our students, faculty, and staff are focused on academic achievement. “