Arsonist at work in Piedmont area?

The Piedmont Police Department is currently investigating several suspicious fires within the department’s jurisdiction. According to department representatives, most of the fires have occurred at vacant dwellings within a centralized area of the city and within a short time period. There have also been other suspicious fires in surrounding areas, outside of the department’s jurisdiction. Preliminary investigations of some of the fires produced evidence to prove that the fires were set intentionally and are now being investigated as arsons. The police department is currently working with the city’s fire department and the state fire marshals to complete the investigations of these cases. Police are steadily investigating leads and processing evidence, but also request that any person with information about the fires contact them. Anyone with information may contact the police department directly at 256-447-9091, email the department at, or call the state’s Arson Hotline at 1-800-654-0775. Anyone choosing to provide information can do so anonymously if desired.